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What is  Cremation?                                  "Pre-Plan your cremation"

"Direct cremation" is the disposition of human remains by cremation without formal viewing, visitation or ceremony.

A family can have a memorial service any place they wish without the involvement of the funeral home. A Funeral Director is your coordinator of any disposition of human remains.

What is the Cost of "Cremation"?

This can vary,

Professional Service & Staff

  • Transfer of Loved One to Our Care -Funeral Home
  • Refrigeration
  • Delivery to Cemetery
  • Cremation Process


  • Alternative Container
  • Basic Plastic Urn -Temporary

Cash Advance Items-(states can vary.)

  • Death Certificates ($24.)
  • Disposition Permit($12.)
  • Dept. of Consumer Affairs Fee ($8.50)
  • Tax 

Total Average Cost $1,000. -$1,900.

Please note, these cost will forward remains to the National Cemetery in Southern California.  

Pre-Plan this service long before you need it and save any increases in the future.

Call or Text your message to us at 626-235-9189.

Pre-plan your cremation 

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